Feb 26, 2015

Vacation Essentials : Las Vegas

If you didn't see on my Facebook page, I am going to Las Vegas this weekend. D got us a trip to celebrate a belated Valentine's Day and some R&R. I am so excited for sun, pools and shows.

Vegas doesn't have to be a wild and crazy blackout weekend. Mine will be much more focused on sunshine and great food. Now on to the essentials! I have purchased a couple new items, but also included some tried and true favorites.

Victoria Secret Swim: I am partial to sporty-er looking swimwear, but these are so cute and budget friendly. All black is a classic choice.

Origins Start Over: MY FAVORITE eye cream. Honestly, Origins has always been a mainstay in my beauty routine. I love so many of their products. Start Over is great for those late nights and really helps brighten and make the skin look fresh.

Essie: If this isn't obviously, I'm not sure what is :)

Circus by Sam Edelman Sandals: Lots of walking happens in Vegas! Needed something cute, yet comfortable. These were so affordable too!

Shwood Canby Pendleton Sunglasses: I am over the moon with these shades. I've had them for awhile now and really love everything about them. They sell this brand at Nordstrom and I've seen them, but never really tried them on. I'm so sad it took this long! I love the Pendleton pattern on the sides. I can't wait to wear these babies in Vegas.

Anything I missing here? I still have one more day until I leave...open to suggestions :)

Rachel xo

Feb 17, 2015

Memory Lane: St. Andrews, Scotland

I have a playlist on Spotify called Scotland. Every once in awhile, I listen to it and think back to my time spent in Scotland. I've talked about Scotland extensively on my blog. It has been awhile, so I turned on my playlist and took a little walk down memory lane.

I loved everywhere I visited in Scotland, but St. Andrews holds the top spot. In reality it's a small Scottish coastal town. In my heart, it is my favorite place on earth.

I have very distinct memories of St. Andrews:

It was the first trip Elana, Dauri and I took together when we studied in Scotland. 

It had the best fish and chips in the UK. 

Every alley and pathway was lined with flowers. 

The air smelled of salt and surf. 

Everyone smiled as you passed. 

Here are some pictures from my first trip to St. Andrews in 2008.

A very important thing happened to me that day, I fell in love for the first time. Twice. I'll explain later...

When my study abroad term ended I headed home. I knew in my heart I had to get back to this place. I needed more. In 2009 two of my very dear friends and I headed back to Europe to backpack. I needed to show them this place. I wanted them to feel the feelings I had. It was in the books.

I made my return to St. Andrews in 2009. (with a better camera)

St. Andrews is a place on earth I had never been, but in only moments felt like I was home. I fell head over heels for this town. Nothing extraordinary happened those days I spent walking around. But I fell in love just the same. As time has passed I realized something else, the days spent in St. Andrews, I fell in love with myself.

I was proud of the person I had become. Both the first time, because I was taking my first life leap of faith by studying abroad, and taking a trip with strangers who turned out to be lifelong friends. The second time, I had brought my childhood friends to the place I loved. I was proud of what got me to St. Andrews. I was grateful for those who helped me make those days happen. And I was in love with my life and the person I was becoming.

St. Andrews was a turning point for me. It will be a place close to my heart for eternity. I'll get back there again someday...

Every alley and pathway will be lined with flowers. 

The air will smell of salt and surf. 

I'll smile at everyone I see. 

Rachel xo


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