Sep 18, 2014

Restaurant Review: Seattle's Señor Moose

If you have been following along, Kristi and I headed up to Seattle for Labor Day weekend with my long time friends Lew + Jake. 

Night 1 was a litttttle rowdy. So after waking up in a daze, we pulled ourselves together and headed for breakfast. Lew said he knew just the spot. 

This place was awesome inside. A little Mexican cafe. Now the name may not fit the bill here, so I did a little look-see on their website and found you some info! "Oh yes—THE NAME—w didn't open as a Mexican restaurant. Nine months into a mostly regular old breakfast business, I realized that nobody was doing the kind of COMIDA TIPICA, real Mexican food, that I was missing so much, hence we started adding Mexican dishes as specials, first at breakfast and a few months adding a full dinner menu." 

Alright now lets get to the food! 

Water was necessary...

Leave it to Lew to get a Mexican Coke at 10am. 

Hair of the dog I say! Bloody Mary for me. 

Although, the photos may not look as amazing as it was fantastic. I had the Chorizo con Huevos. The rest of the group got Chilaquiles. 

If you like Mexican food you need to head on over to Señor Moose. I was impressed by the bold flavors and amazing taste of everything we ordered, drinks and food. The vibe is very laid back and cafe-esque as well. Perfect little brunch spot! 

Sep 16, 2014

Seattle Trip + Memory Lane

There are a couple of people who haven't gotten much mention on the blog in a couple years. They are two of my college roommates: Lew + Jake.

To give you a little backstory, my senior year in college I lived in a house with 5 people, two of those people are my friends Lew + Jake. Living with guys is actually a great experience. You learn a lot about how silly and emotional girls can be. Ha (but seriously) In college, we had some wild adventures. These guys were some of my closest friends in those years and still today. Looking back, I'm surprised I made it out alive with some of our antics. I went back and dug up some old photos of our college years.

To bring this full circle, over Labor Day weekend, Kristi and I headed up to Seattle to visit Lew and Jake. They both live in the area and we all agreed to meet up for a weekend of fun and baseball.

First up, M's game with Lew, Jake, Kristi, Corey and Jamie!

Things started to get a little wild- as per usual with this group.

Then we headed out to the bars for the night- I'll spare you those photos. The next morning, we went to this awesome breakfast place (I'll write a post on my review this week! Stay tuned). Kristi hasn't really gotten to explore Seattle since moving to the Pacific NW. Lew and Jake decided that they would take us to a bunch of spots with amazing views. We called this "mission vantage point."

Stop #1: Lew's office

Stop #2: Kerry Park

Stop #3: Alki Beach

It was an amazing weekend with amazing friends. Not sure how I got so lucky to have such amazing people around me. Great way to end the summer of 2014.

So long summer.

Love, Rachel xo


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