Jul 24, 2014

Review: July Tique Box (BBQ Themed!)

It's that time of the month again.....no no not that time. Time for another Tique Box review! 
If you didn't read my last review on Tique Box check it out here. Tique Box is a subscription box/ gift box service which sends boxes filled with local Portland artisan crafts & foods. I am falling in love with this box service. (So are a couple other people, see below for more on that). 

The July box is appropriately themed "Backyard BBQ." So let's get into this box! 

First peak inside. Seriously, how cute is this? Who doesn't love getting wrapped gifts in the mail?

Everything comes individually wrapped. Little touches like that really sell me. 

Alright, first item up. Fat Dog Mustard in "Original" or Horseradish flavor. I will be honest here, I am a mustard only kinda girl when it comes to condiments. No ranch, no ketchup, no nothing- just mustard. Call me picky, but I like what I like. Drew isn't a huge mustard fan, but he loves spicy anything. So he volunteered to try. 


Next item up, Vance Family Soy Candle in Lime Coconut. There was a Vance Family Soy Candle in my last Tique box and I loved it. This smell was perfect for summer. Made you feel like you were on an island drinking a margarita in the sun! 

Up next, CoCo Lime Balm by ZenShine. It's always good to have extra lip balm, especially in the summer! Love this flavor as well.

 Moving on, here is where things went a little crazy...stay tuned. Now we have Locavore Shea Butter Soap by Wooly Beast Designs.  This little soap smelled pretty amazing and was a rich, creamy texture. Winston couldn't get enough of this smell. She is addicted, although I didn't let her eat/lick it, she wanted too. 

Next up! Saucy Beast- Habango Hot Sauce! This hot sauce is a combo habanero and mango. It might be a little too spicy for me, but Drew was so excited! 

Then, I pulled a stationary card out of the box! YoshiniG Stationary. I love this print. It's simple, modern and has an animal haha! They have some awesome products on the website as well. Check them out. 

Winston has spotted something!  

 Now a special extra. Winston's favorite part of the Tique Box. Tissue paper. Winston was a little wound up after being home alone all day. This is called "attack mode." 

Sorry, now back to the box! 

I loved all the items in this box, which is rare for a subscription service. You tend you love a couple things, but this is a great box! I can't wait to use all the products here. 

Uh-oh, She's back! 

She is searching for something...

Warmer... warmer...

Aha! The soap. Now Winston is a happy camper. 

 (Please don't give your pets soap- it's not recommended. We just let her smell it because she was obsessed. Soap and pet's don't mix! )

Here is a special offer to start getting your own boxes! 

For next month's box-use the code $5OFFAUGto receive $5 off an August Box purchase.
If you just loved this box: use discount code $5OFFJULY to receive $5 off your box! 

Hopefully my next box is as exciting as this one! 

Love, Rachel xo

Jul 22, 2014

Event: Pacific Pie Co New Menu Event

You may already know this, but I am a big fan of pies. All types actually- savory pies, sweet pies and even pizza pies. When Pacific Pie Co sent out an invite to try the new menu, I couldn't miss it! 
I have written about Pacific Pie Co here, and gave rave reviews! 

A lovely group of bloggers headed over to Pacific Pie Co last week to try some new food items. The event took place at the new NW location. See my previous post for the amazing decor. It  makes you feel like home. You can feel the comfort rush over you as you walk in the door. 

Here was our menu for the evening. 

Right as I walked in I was handed an amazing Gin and Tonic. (I should note it was 96 degrees out that day) 

Once I said all my hellos, I started to make my plate of amazing food! 

The curried samosa were my favorite! OMGOSH they were good. 

Look baby pies! 

This polenta with mushroom sauce...oh man it was good. Although, mushrooms are my favorite so that was a given. 

Chicken Satay with peanut sauce #peanutsaucelife

I needed seconds of those curried samosas! 

Once I finished my drink and dinner, it was time for desert! 

These are the Pacific Pie Co "Pie Shakes." You read it right, Pie Milkshakes. They were fantastic. I tried the bourbon hazelnut- omgosh SO good. The key lime was amazing too, but I loved this flavor. 

Doesn't this just beg, "drink me!"

Pacific Pie Co is amazing food and served and crafted by amazing people. If you haven't been, do yourself a favor and get over there! And to let you in on a little secret, 


You have no reason not to go! It is a great place-when you go in let me know what you try! 

NW Location

1668 NW 23rd Ave

Portland OR 97210

Love, Rachel xo 


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