Mar 31, 2015

Event Review: TOAST 2015

As you may remember, I did a post on TOAST 2015. An event with loads of Oregon spirits for tasting and purchase. Kristi and I attended the event and had a BLAST. We were blown away by the innovation and imagination of these artisans. There were many spirits which tasted like teas, berries, smoke etc that blew us away. We found a couple new favorite products which now live on our bar cart.

I will say my favorite booth was Raft Syrups. I've met the wonderful ladies behind Raft before, so it was such a pleasure to see them at Toast. The cocktails they were mixing up were amazing. Kristi and I wanted to go back for seconds. We ended up buying some syrups as well. Such an outstanding product!

Big round of applause for all the exhibitors. I was so impressed.

Rachel xo 

Mar 27, 2015

Review: Lexus RC 350

As I mentioned in my Portland Dining Month post, Portland Lexus was kind enough to let me test drive a new Lexus RC 350 for a week. They had asked I head to Portland Dining Month events, but since it was dark by the time dinner came, I had another idea. The weather in Portland was gorgeous that week (which helps when you have a moon roof!) so Kristi and I hopped in the Lexus and tried to catch the sunset.

Kristi and I have a love affair with chasing the sun. We both have been known to get up and watch it rise, and stop everything to watch it fall. There is something so calming about watching the day begin and saying goodnight. Those fist moments of light in the day, and those fleeting moments before darkness. One of my favorite places to watch the sunset is the gorge. In the summer, the sun sets right over the Columbia River. It's stunning.

Back to the Lexus. I have always been a practical car person. I balked at people who spent large amounts of money on nice cars. Well ladies and gentleman...nice cars are NICE. I can see now why people do it. I loved getting in the Lexus. I didn't even mind sitting in traffic. (thats worth $$)

The Lexus RC 350 came fully equipped. Leather seats, moon roof, heated AND cooled seats, advanced navigation system. The list goes on. If you are interested in learning more about the car or investing in a luxury Lexus- check out the info at the bottom of the post.

Overall, it was such a fun week. I wish I could have kept the car...who knows I might be buying a new Lexus soon!

Portland Lexus Website

Thanks so much to Lexus. I had a blast!!

Rachel xo


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